I'm bored, why not?
1. would you ever have a 3 sum
2. would you have group sex
3. would you ever swap partners
4. would you ever have sex with someone else watching
5. would you rather dominate or be dominated
6. What's your favorite roleplay
7. does cosplay sex sound appealing
8. do you own toys
9. Would you like to own toys
10. would you have sex in the woods
11. would you have sex in a car
12. would you have sex in a pool
13. how do you feel about long socks
14. how do you feel about spanking
15. how do you feel about being tied/tying
16. would you let someone cum on you
17. would you have sex with someone of the same gender
18. How do you feel about clamps
19. do you have any fetishes
20. would you have anonymous sex
21. webcam sex?
22. would you trade pictures
23. would you like to do drugs and have sex
24. what would you eat off a partner
25. would you do anal
26. have you received oral
27. have you given oral
28. are you interested in bestiality
29. are you into golden showers
30. any body modifications


u better fucking let me know if i’m ur dream girl

"   A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.   "

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"   I miss how you wanted me.   "
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I wonder what it’s like to have friends

Weed - Marijuana